MHI Vestas to re-purpose old oil-fired power plant into new turbine-blade facility

MHI Vestas plans to re-purpose a decommissioned, oil-fired power plant into a state-of-the-art painting and logistics facility for its record-breaking 80-meter turbine blades. The new facility is the latest in a series of manufacturing investments made by the company as part of its comprehensive industrialization strategy underway in the UK. This investment is a direct

Proposal for turbines in 30 m/s winds

Wilson’s proposal (for turbines in high winds) has been accepted for publication: Distributed energy via high-efficiency ceramic gas turbines fueled by 25-MW wind turbines in the “Roaring Forties”, Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics, volume 4, pages 11-15

LM Wind Power’s 73.5-m blade successfully en route to Merkur offshore wind farm

The first LM 73.5 P wind-turbine blade has successfully arrived at Castellón Port. It is the largest blade ever produced and transported through Spain. Destined for the Merkur offshore wind farm in Germany to power GE’s Haliade 150-6 MW turbine offshore, the 73.5 meter blade began its journey at LM Wind Power’s factory in Castellón,

LM Wind Power launches company’s longest blade in China

LM Wind Power announced the launch of the company’s longest blade in China: the LM 75.1 P, tailor-made for Goldwind’s new 6.7-MW offshore wind turbine. Goldwind’s 6.7-MW platform will be the largest offshore turbine in China and, combined with the LM 75.1 P, it is designed specifically for the Wind Class I offshore areas in

Moog improves safety of its leading-edge wind turbine pitch system

The safety built into Moog Pitch System 3 helps wind farm operators in three important ways,

Energiekontor reveals the best way to increase wind farm production

Energiekontor started to perform an extensive testing campaign which included, measurement of the overall impact loads on blade root after coupling the RBE

Altitec stresses importance of uptower wind tech safety

Altitec, the turbine blade access, and repair specialist have revealed that two of its technicians were working up-tower at a site in Mexico when last month’s 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck. The two technicians were in the process of carrying out standard inspection and repair services on one of 15 turbines at a wind farm near Juchitan

Nordex Group launches 140-m rotor option for AW3000 turbine

The Nordex Group has launched a new 140-meter rotor option for its AW3000 wind turbine platform that delivers lower cost of energy for lighter-wind sites. The AW140/3000 boasts one of the highest capacity factors in its class and is the latest addition to the proven AW3000 platform. The design of the AW140/3000 is optimized for

Siemens Gamesa inaugurates new wind-turbine blade plant in Morocco

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) has officially inaugurated its new wind-turbine blade factory in Tangier (Morocco), an event chaired by Morocco’s Minister of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy, Moulay Hafid El Alamy, and Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens Gamesa. The first blade plant of a wind-turbine manufacturer in Africa and the Middle East offers

How vortex generators boost wind-turbine performance and AEP

By Michelle Froese, Senior editor Windpower Engineering & Development Meeting AEP or annual energy production targets is an ongoing challenge in the wind industry. AEP is the amount of electricity a wind farm generates over one year. While any faulty turbine component can impact energy production, analyzing the aerodynamic design of turbine blades is one