Encoder comes with self diagnostics

To avoid false diagnoses or costly downtime an early warning system called ADS (Advanced Diagnostic System) is built into Leine & Linde’s 800 Series of rotary encoders. These devices are often subjected to high mechanical stresses in the form of shock and vibrations as well as high temperatures. Encoders with ADS have detected worn-out ball bearings due to poor installation, dust contamination, moisture issues, and overheating. These self-diagnosis system works by internally monitoring the completeness of the rotary-encoder pulses and the correct pulse sequence. Even a single counter difference is registered and reported by the system. This error is relayed as a flashing LED on the rear of the encoder housing. The time of the fault and the corresponding error code are stored in the encoder so users can analyze the error code via an RS-32 interface once the encoder is removed. A report can also be displayed directly at the machine if additional wiring is added to an overriding system control.

Leine & Linde

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