Fluke video show how to make accurate measurements with its T6, no-lead voltmeter

Fluke T6 Electrical Testers provide a faster and safer method for taking electrical readings on distribution panels and junction boxes, among other applications.

A 2018 Factbook looks at sustainable energy in America

The 2018 Factbook says the massive and historic transformation of the U.S. energy sector clicked into a higher gear in 2017, despite some new headwinds including policy uncertainties.

Brazed plate heat exchangers could help cool electronic equipment

The B320HT and LT are more compact, offer high mechanical strength and can handle higher capacities, allowing for cost, time and energy savings.

Global Wind Energy Council says the great energy transition is gathering momentum

Global Wind Energy Council released its annual market statistics today. The 2017 market remained above 50 GW, with Europe, India and the offshore sector having record years.

IEEFA report: ‘Here and Now’ — Nine electricity markets leading the transition to wind and solar

New research by the IEEFA details how nine major power markets around the world have achieved an outsized share of wind and solar generation while assuring the security of supply and are providing compelling examples of the fast-moving evolution of electricity generation.

Berkeley Lab report calls for industry attention to ensuring grid reliability

In light of changes in how electricity is generated and consumed, Berkeley Lab has authored a new report analyzing challenges facing the nation’s electric grid and making recommendations for ensuring continued reliability.

Turbines from Carter Wind aimed at utilities, distributed, and microgrid generation

The wind turbine technology Carter has developed is most significant in that it produces four times the energy per pound of equipment weight versus conventional wind turbine designs.

Distributed renewable energy may be the formula for Puerto Rico’s hurricane recovery

With $9 billion of debt, in July 2017, PREPA (Puerto Rico utility) filed for bankruptcy relief due to the cumulative impact of years of mismanagement, mounting operation and maintenance problems, the failure to recover the costs of providing power to its customers, years’ long battles with creditors, and a diminished workforce.

Conrad Electronic has new entry-level hand-held test and measurement devices from Voltcraft

Enabling non-contact AC current measurement, the new VC310 and VC320 clamp meters are ultra-compact and highly robust entry-level units that offer a very good price-performance ratio and the latest ergonomic technology.

Building corrosion-resistant equipment for harsh industrial environments

Although it is hard to find materials that are 100% resistant to the effects of corrosive elements, careful selection of materials, especially when combining them in a product, can reduce corrosion.