Wind jobs are growing in farm and factory towns across America

Bipartisan support is strong for wind power because all Americans benefit from the economic opportunity of wind jobs, homegrown energy, and clean air.

No time to look for a special filter or need a turbine manual? Online market may have you covered

The Netherlands-based Spares in Motion took another approach with a cleverly simple idea: It started business connecting buyers with the sellers of spare parts for wind turbines.

Meet the vessels and the lingo: MPI Enterprise fitted with spudcans

The wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV) MPI Enterprise has recently been upgraded with spudcans, large pads or feet under the legs.

Global Market Insights says fuel cell electric vehicle market to cross $9 billion by 2024

fuel cell Electric Vehicle Market size is anticipated to surpass $9 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

Who will fund the U.S. offshore wind power market… and how?

While most experts agree there should be no shortage of takers to build the offshore wind industry, it is still unclear exactly who will be stepping forward and what kinds of deals will be done.

An intro to S&P Global Ratings’ Green Evaluation

S&P Global Ratings says Mesa La Paz expects to issue in the short term new senior secured bonds for a total amount of $303 million with final maturity in December 2044 under a project-finance structure.

Ergodyne collaborates to prevent knee problems in workers

The new ProFlex 377 Hard Cap Lightweight Gel Knee Pads have been built and tested with the help of a major airline in search of a better solution for workers spending extended periods of time kneeling in environments like aircraft bins.

WindESCo awarded InnovateMass grant from MassCEC

WindESCo’s platform revolutionizes how wind farm operators measure and utilize the wind to maximize performance while protecting expensive wind energy equipment. At the heart of the WindESCo offering is our intelligent rotor monitoring system, WeSense. ​

No precious metals in this Ballard fuel cell

This is a key focus for Ballard, as one would expect, and with recent ground-breaking catalyst developments, such as proprietary treatments to increase durability.

DOE & Geological Survey release online public dataset and viewer of U.S. wind turbine locations and characteristics

This new Wind Turbine Database is a comprehensive dataset of U.S. wind turbine locations and characteristics that is easily accessible, more accurate, and updated more often than existing wind turbine datasets.