GEV Wind Power launches industry’s first factory-to-site Quality Assurance Program


As part of GEV’s quality-assurance mapping process, all turbine generators will also be inspected after construction.

With over 90% of turbine blades being damaged to some degree in transit, GEV Wind Power has identified a gap in the market and developed an innovative factory-to-site Quality Assurance Programme to offer clients peace of mind during the transit of wind turbine blades and generators.

The new scheme assists in maintaining the industry’s exacting installation schedules, which are often hindered due to unexpected repairs being undertaken.

“The process involves carrying out QA inspections on newly fabricated blades, which once inspected and signed off are transferred to site,” explained Steve Ross, Managing Director of GEV Wind Power. “On arrival, our technicians will inspect for transportation damage, which if evident, can be repaired instantly onsite. The blades will then be certified and given the quality assurance all clear.”

As part of the quality-assurance mapping process after construction, all wind-turbine generators will all also be inspected using the GEV Wind Power Panoblade camera system.

“This is a very exciting innovation for the industry and ensures that at every stage of the process from blade manufacture to installation and commissioning, rigorous quality checks are undertaken and opportunities to rectify damage are factored in,” Ross added. “This new service also provides clients with accurate and detailed information should they need to seek recourse for damage or repairs.”

GEV Wind Power


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