Product training for corrosion protection “SikaCor RepaCor SW 1000” in Hamburg and Germany

A new corrosion protection coating SikaCor RepaCor SW 1000, developed in a research project, promises a significantly simpler, faster and more economical on-site repair of wind turbines. The free of charge product training in Hamburg provides insight into the application possibilities for wind turbines and gives technical advice how to use the product. WINDSOURCING.COM is the exclusive supply partner of Sika Deutschland GmbH for the new product in the aftersales service market for the wind industry in Europe and organizes the product training on the 17th January and 21st February 2018 in Hamburg, Germany.

The abrasion-resistant, innovative two-part coating material is for the repair of mechanically damaged coated surfaces.

The four to five-hour event addresses all service companies occupied with the maintenance and repair of on and offshore wind turbines. The training consists of a theoretical part and practical exercises. “Our aim is that after the training the participants can use the product reliably themselves and can pass this knowledge on to their employees and colleagues,” says Stefan Weber from WINDSOURCING.COM. The Managing Director of the Hamburg-based trading company for wind turbine spare parts and repair material is enthusiastic about SikaCor RepaCor SW 1000: “Numerous practical applications in the past months have confirmed that this product is a revolution when it comes to the repair of corrosion damages.”

About the background: The particular requirements for using wind power – especially offshore – due to climate conditions mean that the anti-corrosion protection needs to meet highest standards: “A long and profitable life of the wind turbines can only succeed by a conscientious maintenance”, explains Weber. “Especially offshore all necessary repairs need to be done on site, sometimes regardless of the wind or weather conditions. The rope access technicians can only handle a limited number of heavy tools and material. Due to harsh weather conditions, the protective coatings need to dry and cure very quickly.” This is where SikaCor RepaCor SW 1000 comes into play.

The joint research project „RepaKorr“

The solvent-free two-component coating material is the result of the three-year research project “RepaKorr”. The researchers’ aim was to find solutions for the mentioned issues and they succeeded.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Advanced Materials (IFAM) was also involved in the project subsidized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Within the project, Sika Germany was responsible for defining the material requirements and launched SikaCor RepaCor SW 1000 in 2017. Stefan Weber: “The coating dries four hours faster than other systems. The practical packaging in the form of mixing cartridges facilitates the processing and ensures absolute process security and minimal waste generation. Also, the rope access technicians are loaded with lower weight.” Further characteristics of the product are the single-layer system (same protection performance as multiple-layered systems), UV and color stability and a Norsok M501-admission with ISO 20340 certification (Additional product information is available at

Product training  SikaCor RepaCor SW 1000

In 2015, WINDSOURCING.COM welcomed Sika Deutschland GmbH on board as a supply partner, and since then has been a trade partner for the Swiss manufacturer’s entire wind energy product range. As a specialist dealer for the wind energy industry, WINDSOURCING.COM was selected by Sika as exclusive supply partner for SikaCor RepaCor SW 1000 in the aftersales service market for wind turbines in Europe. The trading company organizes the product training together with the manufacturer Sika Germany with which they address customers in the wind energy industry. The training aims to present the product and to provide insight into the application possibilities of SikaCor SW 1000 RepaCor. Also, technical information about the use on wind turbines is given.

The product training takes place on two alternative dates in Hamburg: on the 17 January and 21 February 2018 in the hotel Crowne Plaza Hamburg – City Alster. The hosts expect service companies from all over Europe to attend the training and point out that the event will be conducted in both German and English. Further important organizational information on the content and timetable of the event is available at

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