Vaisala intros an observation platform (analysis software) for Triton remote sensor

With the Observations software, users can acquire and archive data from one or hundreds of wind measurement systems, as well as monitor your wind measurement devices in real time. Observations replace which has been integrated with Vaisala Energy’s online tools and completely redesigned from the ground up.

Users can easily view critical Triton operational data along with the most recent wind shear profile. Quickly and easily download CSV files from any time period.

Use the Observations platform to:

  • Access your Triton data, forecasts, prospecting tools, and time series from one convenient location
  • Download your Triton data .csv files easily and quickly
  • See all your critical Triton operational data in one place on a secure dashboard
  • Securely archive your Triton data, providing a chain of custody for use in due diligence reports

An easy-to-read map interface shows all your Tritons. Zoom in and out, pan, and select any Triton to show critical operational data or download time series.

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