DONG Energy wins tender for Dutch 700 MW offshore wind farms

From the IPP News Journal

The Netherlands’ Minister of Economic Affairs has awarded DONG Energy the concession to build the Borssele I and II wind farms (BWF I and II) projects, each of about 350 MW.

DONG has also installed the Ocean Energy wind farm.

DONG has also installed the Ocean Energy wind farm.

DONG Energy won the concessions with an average bid strike price, excluding transmission costs of €72.70 per MWh during the first 15 years of the contract. After that, the wind farms will receive the market price.

DONG Energy will, in accordance with the Dutch tender regulation,build Borssele 1 and 2 within four years with a flexibility of one year.

Wind Farm Zone Borssele, 344 km2 in total, is divided into 5 sites. Sites I, II and IV can accommodate 350 MW plus 30 MW overplanting. Site III can accommodate 320 MW plus 30 MW overplanting. Site V is for innovations and can accommodate 20 MW.

In late May we reported that Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) attracted 38 bids for the BWF I and II. Bidders were, among others, the team made up Shell, Eneco and Van Oord, the team composed of RWE and Macquarie Capital and Vattenfall.

Executive Vice President and Head of Wind Power in DONG Energy, Samuel Leupold, says:

“With Borssele 1 and 2, we’re crossing the levelized cost of electricity mark of €100/ MWh for the first time and are reaching a critical industry milestone more than three years ahead of time. This demonstrates the great potential of offshore wind.”

“The Dutch government has introduced an ambitious, long-term development plan for offshore wind,” said Country Manager for DONG Energy Netherlands, Jasper Vis. “The Borssele concessions mark a milestone in the Netherlands’ shift towards green energy, and we look forward to bringing our more than 20 years’ experience with offshore wind into these projects.”

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