STAUFF releases PPC-04-plus compact mobile hydraulic tester

The STAUFF PPC-04-plus features extremely robust construction and an oil-resistant rubber coating to withstand impacts, vibration, dust, and moisture (protection class up to IP67) and is designed for use in particularly harsh conditions. This compact mobile tester measures pressure, temperature, flow rate, frequency, and speed in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. The STAUFF PPC-04-plus is

Line of axial piston pumps extends by one

HAWE Hydraulics, a global manufacturer and supplier of sophisticated hydraulic components and controls for the mobile, industrial, and renewable energy markets has added the V40M to its line axial piston pumps. The new pump has been designed for open-circuits in mobile machines and has a displacement volume of 2.75 in3/rev. Its swash plate design makes it

How are hydraulics used in wind turbines?

The wind-energy industry makes good use of hydraulics, in particular how well it combines power density and durability for the muscle needed to pitch turbine blades that easily weigh two to three tons. In recent years, however, most utility-scale wind turbines for land installations have turned to electromechanical systems for this function. Electromechanical systems typically

Zero-Max intros a hydraulic bushing for mounting large components in tight spaces

ETP Hydropress provides quick and precise fastening of components in tight spaces on large shafts from 80 to 200-mm dia. The company says Hydropress shaft bushings are ideal for locking into position gears, sprockets, pulleys, and similar components in a machine’s power transmission system. Handling torque ranges from 21,000 to 200,000 ft. lbs., the bushings

Filter captures smaller particles at higher flow rates

Matthias Jung /Product Manager for Filter Elements / Argo Hytos GmbH / Recent detailed analysis of fluid flow through a range of filter materials has led to a better understanding of conditions inside a working hydraulic-fluid filter. The work has let our company identify the key factors responsible for pressure loss in the folded material. The

Parker launches portable icountBSplus for efficient and accurate hydraulic oil contamination detection

Parker Hannifin has introduced the compact, icountBSplus, a fully contained, portable bottle sampling system that uses laser particle counting technology to ensure the fast and accurate detection of contamination in hydraulic oils and hydrocarbon fuels. A key component of the fluid-particle analysis and monitoring portfolio, the icountBSplus helps improve the reliability, productivity, and profitability of

What you should know about gearbox filters and breathers

Filters and breathers on wind-turbine gearboxes must work under conditions found in no other industrial setting. Gearbox oil, for instance, undergoes large viscosity changes due to a wide temperature span and operating conditions. And then there is potential for a high water content in the oil from humidity and condensation. “Most current maintenance practices are

SGS Group acquires Herguth Labs

SGS is proud to announce the acquisition of Herguth Laboratories, Inc.  Herguth Labs is a commercial, oil, grease, fuel, and failure analysis laboratory in North America. The acquisition of Herguth Labs, with major testing laboratories located in San Francisco and Chicago,m introduces the SGS global network of 27 condition monitoring laboratories to the North American

Hello SeaAngel: Hydraulic drive train could provide 7 MW offshore turbine

This article provides more detail to the Mitsubishi Sea Angel, a turbine with a hydraulic drive train. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has announced the start of test operations at Yokohama of a ‘large-scale wind power generation system that adopts a hydraulic drive train in place of the earlier gear-driven system. Engineers with Artemis Intelligent Power

OEM begins test on what could be 7 MW hydraulic drive train

In December, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) commenced test operation at its Yokohama Dockyard & Machinery Works of a large scale, hydraulic drive train in place of a conventional gear-driven system. The test operation is a part of the project launched in September last year to develop a hydraulic drive train for offshore wind turbines.