WLubeMon offers a wireless lubrication monitor

The system and lubrication monitor works completely independently and is capable to monitor all types of grease lubrication systems including manual lubrication.

Smarter sensors let a gearbox tell how it’s doing

A recent spinout from the University of Wyoming’s Technology Business Center has set itself the goal of improving with sensors the quality of oil monitoring in wind turbines.

Mitigating turbine downtime with proper lubricant care

By Michelle Froese | Senior editor Windpower Engineering & Development Oil has been called the “lifeblood” of a wind turbine, and for good reason. Proper lubrication mitigates friction between key components, such as the bearings in a gearbox, and keeps a turbine running reliably. What is less well known is that lubricants also help control

LogiLube and Winergy collaborate to test an oil condition monitor

LogiLube, LLC is a Wyoming-based technology company focused on developing edge-to-cloud-to-client Big Data predictive analytics and machine learning solutions in the field of intelligent machine health management.

New version of LaserNet Particle Analyzer features wide-ranging particle counting & ferrous monitoring capabilities

The V7 of the LaserNet 200 Comprehensive Particle Analyzer Series from Spectro Scientific provides extensive analysis of particles in lubricating and hydraulic fluids.

Moventas expands its facility in Big Spring, Texas

The Moventas facility in Big Spring, located in Howard County (Texas), will consist of a 7,500 sq ft workshop and a further 35,000 sq ft area combining warehouse space and a test bench installation.

Poseidon Systems completes deployment of large-scale metallic wear debris monitoring system

Poseidon Systems, LLC has completed the delivery and commissioning of 362 metallic wear debris monitoring systems for Vestas V82 wind turbines operating in the United States.

Castrol Optigear reduces gearbox friction and wear

Castrol Optigear, a solution to the problems listed, provides a range of leading high performance gear oils, proven to reduce friction, actively resist wear and extend the life of your gearbox.

LogiLube trials new big data analytic solutions for wind turbines

The technology will be applied to three wind turbine drivetrains at Rocky Mountain Power’s 99-MW High Plains Wind Project which is located on both sides of the Albany and Carbon county border near McFadden, Wyoming.

Sage Oil Vac’s new NextLube monitor system makes dispensing and changing fluid as easy as a push of a few buttons

Overall, Sage Oil Vac says, NextLube simplifies tasks and reduces the learning curve for new operators and increases safety benefits on the job.