Hexion to introduce new products for wind energy rotor blade manufacturing At JEC

Hexion Inc. is introducing a new tackifying spray system as well as new epoxy bonding paste and resin repair kits for use in rotor blade maintenance, all with enhanced environmental and performance characteristics.

Technavio offers market research report on the global superconductor market from 2018-2022

Technavio has announced its newest market research report on the global superconductor market for the period 2018-2022, providing the latest cutting-edge insights on this popular market.

Blade tips may be the next hot retrofit device. 7.8% production boost in one test

The proposed tip extension is made of two shells of fiberglass reinforced epoxy glued together and filled with epoxy foam before being fitted to the blade. The product will be available later this year in the UK, Ireland and US.

Sika launches new industry market website: sikaindustry.com

Now live, the new Sika Industry website offers visitors quicker and easier access to essential information and features, and a more comprehensive understanding of Sika Industry’s technologies, applications, services and technical information.

IDTechEx says biocomposite market to exceed $140 million by 2027

IDTechEx forecasts the revenue for bast Fibers used in composite parts to exceed $140 million by 2027, which would have been greater still if the supply could be grown fast enough to match the burgeoning demand.

Sika provides product training to wind techs for new repair coating

The new corrosion protection coating SikaCor SW-1000 RepaCor, developed in a research project, promises a significantly simpler, faster and more economical on-site repair of wind turbines.

Composites One and IACMI to present Prototyping to process for composites

This is the fourth workshop this year in a series presented by Composites One, the Closed Mold Alliance, and IACMI, in partnership with Magnum Venus Products.

Graphene and other carbon nanomaterials can replace scarce metals says Chalmers University of Technology

A survey at Chalmers University of Technology now shows that there are potential technology-based solutions that can replace many of the metals with carbon nanomaterials, such as graphene.

Composites Institute unveils composite recycling project

End-of-life composites have a perception of being inferior to competing materials in terms of cradle-to-cradle sustainability because they are difficult to recycle or reuse.

“Smart” materials turn turbine connectors into sensors

By Benjamin Müller, Head of Industrial Anti-vibration Technology EFFBE GmbH It is no secret wind turbines must withstand harsh conditions, including fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and vibrations from changes in wind and rotor speeds. For the components that make up a turbine, such as the bearings, gearbox, brakes, and blades, durability and reliability are