Over 15,000 electrical products in stock

Remke Energy boasts of over 15,000 electrical products in stock to help developers, builders, and owners of wind farms deliver power to the electrical grid. The company offers a diverse selection of electrical connectivity and wire & cable management devices. Here’s where the diverse product offerings for wind turbines work: In the nacelle, electrical components

How to Get Turbine Gears and Bearings to (Almost) Talk

A gear manufacturer recently confided that a turbine OEM was asking for quotes to repair yaw gears that were failing after just five years in service. Although the mystery of the early failure has not yet been resolved, the tale says that despite centuries of experience with gear designs and materials, turbines have a lot

How to protect large parts for shipping

Shrink wrap protects anything, says Dr. Shrink, a manufacturer of shrink wrapping in Manistree, Mich. It protects equipment against weather damage because the waterproofing can be sealed around an entire unit. The wrapping comes in 12 to 40-ft widths so even large items are covered in one piece. This includes entire flatbed loads of machinery