Second Wind

Second Wind provides the wind energy industry with the intelligence required to plan, finance and operate highly efficient, profitable wind generation facilities. Our integrated product and service offerings include remote sensing systems, tower-based wind measurement systems and data loggers, and web-based wind data services.

Second Wind prides itself on technology innovation with its in-house hardware development and software engineering talent. The company continues to develop and support ground-breaking products related to wind data. Our wind resource assessment data loggers and systems are used in over 50 countries worldwide, including Antarctica and the Sahara.

Featured Articles & Products

  • Webinar: Improving Efficiency – Wind Forecasting and Assessment

    As more wind energy is added to the grid, the inclusion of a weather measurement system to a wind farm is critical to ensure it meets financial and performance expectations. The data collected through the use of wind forecasting and wind resource assessments can detect turbine underperformance, decrease weather uncertainty, and predict wind farm productivity. [Read More]

  • Second Wind unwraps a Lidar

    The Pentalum SpiDAR is a wind LIght Detection And Ranging (Lidar) system that the company says is changing wind measurement and improving wind farm profitability. The SpiDAR is a cost effective, patent-pending, pulsed wind Lidar system for remote wind sensing. The unit’s architecture allows using common, reliable components to maintain a low production cost – [Read More]

  • Brazil’s largest wind developer adopts remote sensing systems from Second Wind

    Brazil’s largest wind energy developer has adopted Second Wind’s remote sensing technology as part of its standard practice in wind measurement. The agreement by São Paulo-based Casa dos Ventos Energias Renováveis to purchase Second Wind’s Triton SoDARs and Pentalum Technologies Ltd.’s SpiDAR LiDARs represents a significant endorsement of remote sensing technology as an essential complement [Read More]