SKF Bearings to launch innovative wind turbine roller bearings at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

SKF Bearings will be exhibiting at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 (Hamburg, 27 to 30 September) and will use the international trade fair to introduce its newly developed wind turbine main shaft spherical roller bearings.

SKF Bearings is attending WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 to launch its new spherical roller bearings for wind turbine main shafts. Manufactured to deliver outstanding reliability, these self-aligning bearings provide exceptional performance and meet service life needs of more than 25 years.

SKF Bearings

The adapted design of the heavy duty bearings includes a significant weight reduction, an optimized internal geometry and improved lubrication capabilities to ensure lower contact pressures and enhanced load carrying capacity.

SKF Bearings’ standard spherical roller bearings are already the most used bearing type in wind turbine main shaft arrangements, with more than 100,000 installations worldwide. However, these newly developed bearings work even harder than their existing counterparts as they have been tailored specifically for the application. Features not needed in this sector, such as the ability to handle speeds up to 600 rpm, have been eliminated to focus on those that are, including improved radial and axial robustness, for best in class operation.

The adapted design of the heavy duty bearings includes a significant weight reduction, an optimized internal geometry and improved lubrication capabilities to ensure lower contact pressures and enhanced load carrying capacity. Ultimately, the SKF wind turbine main shaft spherical roller bearings offer remarkable performance under wind operating conditions and reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

Jens Bode, Head of Business Development at SKF’s Renewable Energy Business Unit, said: “Building on our extensive proven experience in the wind industry we have created our first symmetrical spherical roller bearing designed explicitly to provide unparalleled performance in turbine main shafts. This unique, sector specific solution improves the features that are critical to the application for ultra robust and reliable main shaft arrangements that reduce the levelized cost of energy through extended service life.”

See SKF at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016: Hall B6, booth 374.

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