Battery storage opens a new frontier for the wind industry

There is a huge amount of interest in battery storage and a lot of talk about it. Growth in battery storage is being fuelled by a reduction in costs and wide recognition of the value of storage.

The changing California electricity market

The California regulatory agencies are scrambling to get ahead of a rapidly changing California electricity market as millions of Californians are being offered an expanding slate of alternatives.

Malware capable of shutting down electric grids confirmed

Malware was recently identified that appears to have been designed and deployed by a nation-state to target and shut down electric grids.

Magni spec finder simplifies coating selection

Magni provides guidance to those wondering whether or not they are following the right spec here:

Powin Energy Scores 52.8 MWh Energy Storage Portfolio

Powin Energy’s Stack140 is a modular, flexible, purpose-built 140kW battery array that is easily and cost-effectively scalable from 125 kW to multiple megawatts using indoor cabinets or 20 or 40-foot containers for outdoor installations.

Financing energy storage projects: assessing risks

Technological and cost breakthroughs are expected to lead to rapid growth in the number of utility and behind-the-meter storage projects.

German company wpd windmanager to offer cable tests and diagnosis as service

Wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. has extended its service portfolio with its own cable tests van for testing and diagnosis of any and all cabling.

Battery storage: The next disruptive technology in the power sector

Storage prices are dropping faster than most expected, due to the growing market for consumer electronics and demand for electric vehicles (EVs).

Vermont Clean Energy Report signals opportunities for job growth

The 4th annual Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report (VCEIR) released by the Department of Public Service underscores the importance of Vermont’s climate economy as a “promising source of economic growth and employment opportunity.”

LIDS Technology dims the obstruction lights when not needed

LIDS Technology now provides a means of tailoring the intensity level of the lights on a wind farm in accordance with the surrounding visibility.