Tax credits may be in play in any tax bill taken up by Congress this fall

Various groups are angling to tee up tax credits as part of any tax bill.

A fresh look at recent corporate PPAs

Corporate PPAs were down almost half from forecasts and down almost a third from the year before.

Powerblanket offers warmers for welding, cutting, and other gas cylinders

Powerblanket says it now offers gas cylinder warmers in a range of sizes to maximize performance of a wide range of gas tank.

GE Renewable Energy books $100 million deal for 344-MW hydro storage project in Israel

344 MW hydro storage power plant to feed more reliable energy to national grid in less than two minutes

New model FCR Relay Class, Revenue Grade Split-Core Current Transformer from FLEX-CORE

The company is a provider of transformers, transducers, switches, relays, signal conditioners/converters, meters, and accessories.

EERE success story: New 60-MW Colorado wind farm helps local utility reach state goals

In 2004, Colorado enacted a renewable energy standard (RES), which has informed energy diversification by requiring Colorado utilities to increase their share of electricity from renewable sources.

$13 billion invested in new wind power in 2016, and more

$13 billion was invested in new wind power plants in 2016.

Fluitec launches new turbine oil with 10 year performance guarantee

Fluitec International ( announced that they have released Infinity Fluids’ new turbine oil product that is the first of its kind on the market: Infinity TO 32 and Infinity TO 46.

Data research firm Marketsandmarkets answers a few wind-industry questions

Offshore wind is gaining importance nowadays as countries are focusing on harnessing the energy of strong, consistent winds found over the oceans, says Marketsandmarkets

Basler ace L cameras, 9 & 12 megapixels and to 40 fps, enters production

Basler is starting the series production of the twelve new ace L models with the high-resolution sensors IMX253, IMX255, IMX267 and IMX304 with state-of-the-art global shutter technology from Sony’s Pregius line.