John Flannery succeeds Jeff Immelt as Chairman of GE, and more

The GE Board concurred and elected Mr. John Flannery as Chairman of the Board effective October 2, 2017.

MEM helps investors unearth double-digit wind energy returns in Southeast Asia

Wind farms can be built significantly faster than other infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia, offering quicker returns.

USFWS hopes new eagle permit rules will benefit wind energy

The USFWS has issued few five-year programmatic eagle-take permits and has not issued any 30-year incidental take permits.

Pattern Energy provides operations and financial guidance update in light of recent weather events

Pattern Energy evacuated its 283 megawatt (“MW”) Gulf Wind project in Texas prior to Hurricane Harvey and its 101 MW Santa Isabel project in Puerto Rico prior to the Irma and Maria hurricanes.

NI Trend Watch 2018 explores the trends driving the future faster

The vehicle electrification trends goes deeper than a global shift from internal combustion and hybrid vehicles to fully electric powertrains.

Canadian Wind Energy Assn 33rd annual conference and exhibition – October 3 to 5

CanWEA 2017 is Canada’s largest wind energy conference, attracting close to 1,500 attendees and well over 100 exhibiting companies from around the world.

Vaisala’s Triton cuts wind measurement costs in Canada’s cold climate

Canadian renewable energy developer Sequoia Energy Inc. has successfully used Vaisala’s Triton Wind Profiler remote sensing unit to secure financing and cut wind measurement costs in central Canada, where sub-zero temperatures, snow, and ice regularly disrupt measurement campaigns.

Nel ASA Awarded world’s largest hydrogen electrolyser fueling station

The world’s most energy efficient electrolyzers, with a cell stack power consumption of down to 3.8 kWh/Nm³ H₂,
up to 2.2 MW per stack / 1000 kilos per day.

Wärtsilä’s American Hydro to increase efficiency & production cap at Washington State pump-generating plant

The Grand Coulee Dam is the largest hydropower project in the United States, generating more than 21 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

DONG Energy is now Ørsted, says offshore wind can outperform coal

A Danish energy company, Dong energy, supplying millions of Europeans with energy has proven that offshore wind technology can outperform black energy such as coal.