OrbiSCADA and TMC3 improve wind turbine controls

Denmark based and control-system designer Orbital A/S develops and produces wind turbine control systems of high performance and stability. Our product assortment offers cost-efficient control systems and accessories but at low cost, for a wide range of different wind turbines.

Orbital technology is used for various industrial applications. We offer clients a wide range of “tailor suited” products mainly for producing and controlling green energy.

Apps for smartphones and computers can report on how the wind farm is doing. The wind industry is changing at a rapid pace and Orbital wants to use today’s know-how to create tomorrows solutions.

For example, OrbiSCADA, a SCADA system focused on wind turbines, has gained widespread use ever since the market introduction. It is an innovative SCADA solution targeted wind turbine manufacturers, retrofitters, service providers and end-users. The number of user logins per month peaked in December 2017 with 54,053 logins worldwide. That is an increase of 16.5% compared to December 2016. Most OrbiSCADA users login several times per day to access their wind turbine.

In December 2017, Orbital also conducted an OrbiSCADA user survey. The overall satisfaction among OrbiSCADA users was an impressive 4.4 out of 5. The positive feedback from users shows a lot of enthusiasm about OrbiSCADA. Orbital received comments such as very user-friendly, it works every time, fast and reliable, and great data display. Several users also suggested new features.

Rasmus Schlünsen, one of the developers at OrbiSCADA, has been part of the journey since the company’s beginning in 2013. “Since the first version, OrbiSCADA has evolved a lot. We constantly analyze and make optimizations as well as develop new features. The system is a great tool to maintain efficiency, process data for smarter decisions, and communicate issues with the wind turbine. Our team works hard to make continuous improvements to the system. The user survey plays an important role to determine these improvements.” explains Rasmus.

Back in 2013 Orbital made the decision to develop a SCADA solution together with key customers in the wind industry. The aim was to develop a SCADA solution to meet the demand. At the same time, it was important to create something prepared to meet future requirements.  The wind industry is changing at a rapid pace and Orbital wants to use today’s know-how to create tomorrows solutions.

The TMC3 wind turbine controller and OrbiSCADA

One of Orbitals core products is the TMC3 wind turbine controller. In 2017 Orbital celebrated the production of unit number 1,000. The TMC3 is a perfect match with OrbiSCADA. Linking the TMC3 to OrbiSCADA provides a powerful analyzing tool wind turbine manufacturers, retrofitters, service providers and end-users with real-time data and control. That ensures the highest possible uptime and efficiency for the wind turbine.

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