How to choose a good computing platform for your IIoT

You can now choose from a wide variety of RISC-based embedded computers, single-board computers, and development boards to implement your IIoT solutions.

Flex-Core catalog provides ways to measure, monitor, and control current, power, and energy

FLEX-CORE announces the completion of a new product catalog featuring a large selection of products designed for measuring, monitoring and control of current power

How rotor blade extensions effect a wind farm’s AEP

Since November 2009, Energiekontor has been operating a blade extension prototype on a Bonus, Type 54 turbine, in Germany.

GE 1.5 Extra Life gearbox achieves 4-times usual life

Computational testing shows an overall gearbox life improvement by a factor of four fold.

NEM Solutions (now in U.S.) called most innovative company Europe 2017

NEM Solutions was born in 2007 with the aim of increasing the control of businesses based on complex assets operation & maintenance.

Search for higher renewable-energy returns leads to market expansion, operating efficiency

Fierce competition amongst downstream renewable energy companies put downward pressure on project returns throughout 2016.

Next-gen Li-ion might launch electric aviation

The fossil fuels that enabled the jet age due to their considerable energy density may soon be yielding to electric aircraft for the same reason.

The value of microgrids when wicked weathering strikes

Microgrids are small, self-sufficient power grids that serve a group of consumers such as a university campus, military base, or municipality.

California’s Great America theme park purchases 100% renewable energy

Great America’s commitment to 100% wind energy – 12,810 megawatt-hours (MWhs) annually – makes it one of the largest renewable energy purchasers.

10 companies chosen as 2017 New Energy Pioneers at 10th annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) is pleased to announce its selection of the 2017 New Energy Pioneers – game-changing innovators that are revolutionizing the energy sector.