K2Wind turbine towers set to reach mega heights with new techniques

Wind turbine towers are set to reach heights of up to 170m with new construction techniques and materials, according to wind power engineering specialists K2 Management. Tower heights have grown steadily over the last decade as operators seek stronger wind speeds higher up in the atmosphere.

Supreme Court stay of Clean Power Plan will not deter transition to clean energy economy

The Supreme Court issued a temporary stay on the Clean Power Plan, which puts the first ever limits to carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants. George Goehl, Executive Director of National People’s Action, issued the following statement: “The Supreme Court is charged with safeguarding our fundamental and constitutional rights, including our right to clean air.

Data quality: The top 5 issues when assessing wind plant performance

Modern computers and the systems that run on them are amazingly powerful. They can “auto-magically” gather almost any type of data, at any frequency, and store it away for later examination. In the renewable energy generation space, SCADA systems collect data from hundreds of sensors that monitor equipment health, performance and state of operation. The value of that data, and its ability to optimize plant performance, depends on its quality.

Abaris Training offers classes and services for all wind professionals

Abaris Training offers classes and services to wind professionals of all types, from engineers to field support to technicians.

GammaTech DURABOOK R8300 adds RFID Reader to increase application security and efficiency

GammaTech Computer is pleased to announce that its DURABOOK R8300s comes with RFID dual frequency reader integration. The RFID reader adds security, reliability and the convenience of proximity and contactless identification.

ExxonMobil launches Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis in the United States and Canada

ExxonMobil is launching Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis, a new mobile-enabled used oil analysis service, in the United States and Canada. The new service streamlines the entire used oil analysis process, from initial sample gathering to final reporting, as the mobile-enabled platform eliminates the need for paperwork.

Global wind turbine bearings market projected to reach $7.8B by 2020

Wind power generation has been a proven technology and emits no carbon dioxide. It has gained widespread acceptance as the cleanest and most environmentally friendly form of energy. The increasing reliability of the system, especially the wind turbine, while reducing the operating expenditure remains a challenge in the wind power industry.

New green LED safety shower stainless steel luminaire includes integrated battery backup, offers 5 years of maintenance-free performance

Dialight announced the launch of its new SafeSite Stainless Steel Green LED Linear Safety Shower luminaire that provides 5 full years of maintenance-free performance to ensure site safety.

Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment course being held in April

Participants in the Electric Utility Consultants’ Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment course will learn methods of identification for seismic risk and hazards at generation plants and other industrial complexes. The course, instructed by John Stamatakos, Ph. D., will detail seismic risk analysis mechanisms and ready participants to assist in the preparation and execution of seismic vulnerability

FERC releases its Energy Infrastructure Update

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released its most recent 7-page “Energy Infrastructure Update,” on Feb. 7, 2016 with data through Dec. 31, 2015.