The torque limiter and composite coupling, from AeroTroque, provide a drop-in replacement for a coupling alone.

What are the functions of couplings and torque limiters in wind turbines?

Couplings Mechanical couplings connect shafts so one can transmit rotational power to the other. The coupling incorporated onto a high-speed shaft also allows for a degree of misalignment. In wind turbines, flexible couplings are used on the high-speed (output) shaft of the gearbox to drive the generator and accommodate the misalignment between the two. The

TorqLife is a dual-function coupling that avoids drivetrain overloads.

Ricardo showcases three innovations for reduced cost of wind energy

Ricardo has been assisting wind farm developers and turbine manufacturers to improve the reliability of their drivetrains for a number of years, as Paul Jordan, the company’s global head of clean energy and power generation explains: “Reliability is one of the most crucial determinants of the commercial case for wind farm developments. The ability to

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How are manufacturers working to reduce costs of electrical components in wind turbines?

Wind energy plant developers, owners and operators all face uncertainty about how undefined tax laws and structures—the U.S. wind production tax credits in particular—may impact a plant’s financial picture. There is increased focus on finding ways to make projects financially viable without tax incentives like the PTCs, particularly from a cost standpoint. This focus has

GE will provide operations and maintenance support to the South Dakota wind farm through a five-year service agreement. This is the first Turbine Supply Agreement signed between GE and the BayWa r.e. group.

BayWa r.e. acquires 80 MW Project and secures GE Turbines

BayWa r.e. says that through its wholly owned BayWa r.e. Wind, it acquired all rights to the 80MW B&H project and secured 43 GE 1.85-87 wind turbines. The project, located in Charles Mix, Bon Homme, and Hutchinson Counties, South Dakota, will sell energy to NorthWestern Energy. Construction commenced in 2013 and BayWa r.e. intends to

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How can you prevent encoder failures in wind turbines?

Encoders are a forgotten component in wind turbines—at least until they fail. Wind turbines are a challenging application for encoders, something many OEMs and end-users discover just after installation. The constant vibration and thrust is tough on tiny encoder bearings (and for absolute encoders it’s tough on internal gearboxes). Another problem is temperature cycling combined

Demand for lithium batteries, such as these from A123 Systems, is expected to significantly grow in the coming years.

Innovation across key industries to quadruple revenues for lithium-ion batteries

The global lithium-ion battery market is expected to witness exuberant growth in forthcoming years. Developing applications in the grid and renewable energy storage segment are helping boost demand for lithium-ion batteries. Vendors should include the grid and renewable energy storage segment in their growth strategy as the stationary energy storage market is likely to be the

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How are OEMS and independent service providers working to reduce wind turbine O&M costs?

  Traditionally, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) focus has been on designing turbines that will last 20 years, perform reliably and produce as the nameplate describes. As turbine reliability increases, maintenance costs and downtime should decrease. However, significant unknowns remain for the turbine life cycle. This means OEMs, owners and independent service providers (ISPs) alike are


Poll says Ohioans at odds with lawmakers on clean energy

A recent poll shows just how out of step state lawmakers are with the average Ohio voter on clean energy and energy efficiency issues. The survey of 405 registered Ohio voters shows that support for clean energy and energy efficiency is strong, with support cutting across age, gender, and political affiliation. “When it comes to

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AWS Truepower contracted as lender engineer for the financing of the largest wind farm in Mexico

AWS Truepower, a renewable energy consulting and engineering services company, has been hired to act as Independent Engineer to support the financing and construction of the Ventika I & Ventika II wind projects in Nuevo León, Mexico. The Ventika Wind Project consists of two 126 MW wind projects, for a total capacity of 252 MW,

Lithium ion battery while being examined at the instrument STRESS-SPEC. (Photo: V. Zinth / TUM)

Live…from inside a Li battery

Lithium-ion batteries are seen as a solution for energy storage and have become indispensible, especially in electric vehicles. Their key advantage is that they are able to store large amounts of energy but are still comparatively light and compact. However, when metallic lithium forms and deposits during charging it can lead to a reduced battery