Good things unfolding in the wind industry says MAKE Consulting

The next generation of wind turbines, due to be released over the next three to four years will be competitive with natural gas without the tax credit.

Innovations front and center at EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES show, sponsored by JEC Group

According to the European Wind Energy Association, 2015 alone saw the installation of 12,800 MW of wind energy capacity. This is an increase rate of 6.3 %.

EERE’s Friedman wants to accelerate U.S. transition to clean energy economy

In his new role, David Friedman is eager to continue the Energy Department’s extraordinary progress in accelerating the nation’s transition to a clean energy economy.

Maine EPA announces new wind farm development standards

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has announced that it is developing a new Site Law rule that will address certain development standards for wind projects.

International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum to launch national framework for offshore wind energy research

This International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) session will introduce the basic concepts behind a data-driven, multi-disciplinary system-level framework for offshore wind research to galvanize academia, industry, stakeholders, and policy makers.

L-com Debuts 4G/LTE Mobile booster kit

L-com’s HAKIT-72150-M01 4G/LTE mobile booster kit is an ideal solution to meet today’s ever-increasing need for consistent cellular connectivity for mobile devices.

New multi-axis MEMS accelerometer

With an IP65 seal and 50 g shock, the JMA-100/200/300 can withstand the demanding environments that many applications present.

Demand response promises more competition and reliability

The greatest value of DR is in reducing the need for costly infrastructure investments. Power plants and transmission systems are capital-intensive and must be sized to meet peak demand.

GE Reports provides stunning images of wind turbines, install ship getting ready to shove off in France

The boxy, 132-meter-long, 39-meter-wide wind turbine installation vessel framed by four soaring steel columns is carrying five massive nacelles for Deepwater Wind’s Block Island Wind Farm.

Hytorc ICE bolting system sports built-in auto release, prevents lockups

With its innovative design, the tool is able to release pressure after bolting for quick movement from nut to nut, improving operator efficiency and safety. It is also the only hydraulic bolting system that allows positioning without constraints from hoses and reaction members.