The Tesla model x sports a 60 kWh battery with an 85 kWh battery as an option.

News of the electric utility’s death is greatly exaggerated

There is occasional news that conventional electric utility is in a death spiral. The logic goes like this: More people are putting solar panels on the roofs of their homes because the cost of solar installations coming down thanks to generous state subsidies along with improved manufacturing efficiencies at the solar-panel companies. Then, as those

The streamlines show the airflow across a circuit board. But is that air flow enough?

Hot times in the nacelle not so hot for electronic equipment

Editor’s note: The article is the introduction from A step change in electronics thermal design: Incorporating EDA and MDA design flows, a white paper by Mentor Graphics that deals with the hazards of overheating. It may be of interest for those who design electronic equipment for wind turbines nacelles, structures in which temperatures easily reach

With the new “Bunny” Rotor Blade Lifter, the company offers an efficient and safe solution for the assembly of gearless turbines in a bunny-ear configuration.

Blade lifter allows assembling rotor in bunny-ear configuration, for DD turbines

Ematec AG, a Germany-based machine manufacturer, introduces an innovative bunny or rabbit-ears version of the RBT Rotor Blade Lifter so that blades may be installed on gearless wind turbines in a bunny-ear configuration. The RBT Bunny from Ematec can be horizontally tilted up to 35°. The South German engineers will present a model of their

Utilities, industries, and independent power producers (IPPs) use the SynchroTeq MV to reduce or eliminate transients caused by random switching of new or existing circuit breakers.

Controlled switch device improves medium voltage transformers, circuit breakers

It’s possible to improve the stability and reliability of high and medium voltage electric systems with an agnostic, controlled-switching device that works on new and existing high voltage (HV) and medium voltage (MV) circuit breakers. VIZIMAX announces the release of its the SynchroTeq MV, new line of controlled switching devices (CSDs) for medium voltage (MV)

In 2011, there were 4,900 new patent families. The curve for application numbers in this segment follows a steep upward trend since 2008, after a single dip in 2007.

Asian patents dominate energy storage systems

Lithium batteries are getting the most attention in the search for electrochemical energy storage technologies. In recent years, the number of patent applications for electrochemical energy storage technologies has soared. According to a study by the Technische Universität München (TUM), the largest volume of applications by far is submitted by developers of lithium batteries. The

Hypersolar's device is said to work with dirty water as well as clean.

HyperSolar hails international hydrogen-fuel advances

Editor’s note: Developments in the United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, and others continue to advance global hydrogen fuel-capabilities. Although this is primarily a solar development, it will spur the growth of fuel-cell vehicles which will encourage development of more hydrogen producing facilities, and that will mean more work for wind generated power.   HyperSolar Inc., developer

Wind farms in Texas and elsewhere, provide more than electricity to the state.

Texas Wind Coalition urges state regulators to promote home-grown energy options

Texas regulators from the Texas Public Utility Commission, the Texas Railroad Commission, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality recently met jointly to hear invited testimony on proposed federal emissions rules promulgated by the U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act.  As these regulators — and regulators across The

Watlow 1

High-temperature strip heaters can keep gearboxes warm in winter

Turbines in cold climates face blade icing and occasional shutdowns from it. Restarts with cold, viscous oil in the gearbox can strain the entire drivetrain. Warming the oil beforehand is now possible with several heater designs. Here’s one from Watlow along with sizing guides. Named for its 0.375 in. (9.5 mm) thickness, the rugged Watlow

Illustrates the difference in the different phases of product development time in processes that do not integrate simulation (top) and those that do.

Wider use of simulation can take wind turbine design in new directions

Marco Veltri, Senior Technical Consultant, MSC Software, Wind turbine designs must comply with exacting standards, such as International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) load requirements, before they can go into production. Manufacturers must perform extensive load measurements on prototype turbines to validate design performance under different load conditions. This long and expensive process is a significant

The BYD bus managed to travel an astounding 746 miles over the 24-hour period, operating in three shifts.

All aboard the electric bus

Editor’s note: Electric vehicles will be a boon to the electric utility industry and hence, the wind power industry. This one bus and other EVs on the road are the tip of the iceberg. The Antelope Valley Transit Authority’s (AVTA in Lancaster, Calif.) new electric BYD bus is performing better than advertised. AVTA and BYD