ILSCO intros touch safe power distribution blocks

The transparent cover provides IP20 touch safe protection as well as aids in visual inspection.

Why cellulose fibers make better filters than synthetics

To make the best filters, the company mixes and treats raw fibers before making the company’s unique composition and design, which is comprised of only cellulose filter material.

Regarding the offshore wind industry: What side is the Coast Guard on?

The American Waterways Operators appears to have then used the study to push its anti-offshore wind agenda.

Genius idea: Use nature’s tower, an Asian palm tree, to mount off-grid wind turbines

An Asian or African Palmyra palm (borassus flabellifer) has an average height of 20m, and is highly drought and cyclone resistant.

Minnesota and Xcel Energy announces partnership bringing renewable energy to state capitol

The new initiative will ensure that 33% of the base energy used at the State Capitol Complex comes from renewable sources.

Arctic communities embrace renewable energy

Arctic communities and governments took major steps toward reducing reliance on diesel fuel at the Arctic Renewable Energy Summit in Iqaluit, including entering into discussions to establish a Nunavut Renewable Energy Partnership.

Witricity and Prodrive Technologies to develop 11 kW EV wireless charging system for European carmaker’s 2019 planned introduction

WiTricity, the industry pioneer in wireless charging over distance, says it is collaborating with Prodrive Technologies, tier-1 supplier of power electronics and sensors, to design a high-performance 11-kW wireless charging system.

SeaRoc Group launches industry-first comm & logistic data solution

SeaHub from SeaRoc consists of unmanned, mobile containers that house all required equipment for reliable communications and logistical data sharing for far offshore projects.

Spares in Motion simplifies wind turbine spares-procurement process with new webshop

Spares in Motion, a platform for the wind turbines aftermarket, has opened today the biggest multi-brand online shop for buying and selling wind turbine spare parts.

Gamesa calls for shareholders’ meeting to approve merger with Siemens Wind Power

The merger between Gamesa and Siemens’s wind power business will give rise to a leading global wind player with 69 GW installed base worldwide,