The image suggests one schematic for the virtual servers for a wind farm.

Introducing the value of a virtual SCADA Infrastructure

This article comes from Upwind Solutions and is written by Heath Pratt, Manager of SCADA Services at the company. Server virtualization is the masking of server resources, including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems, from server users. The server administrator uses a software to divide a physical server into

An Archimedes turbine may be compromise between VAWT and HAWT.

Why not more vertical-axis wind turbines?

You may have seen this photo online recently of EDF’s floating offshore vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) called “Vertiwind.” It has a nameplate capacity of two megawatts. The Vertiwind will be part of EDF-EN’s offshore wind farm project called Inflow, which the European Commission is helping fund. The strange design piqued my curiosity about VAWTs. Why

Canwea new home page

CanWEA announces annual award winners at 30th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Montreal

Every year, the Canadian wind energy industry celebrates visionary leaders and clean energy pioneers during its Annual Conference and Exhibition.  The event – the largest wind energy conference in Canada – hosts more than 1,500 professionals from the wind energy industry and accommodates over 100 exhibiting companies. This year, CanWEA presented awards that recognize organizations

Hello, America. Steel goes into the Atlantic coast waters this year and next for the first U.S. offshore wind farms.

U.S. on schedule to meet 20% wind power by 2030 says AWEA CEO Kiernan

It’s an exciting time to be in the wind industry. It boasts of over 62,000 MW of onshore wind generated power, 14,000 MW more in construction, and initial offshore construction begins in East-coast waters this year and next. Those were the opening comments from an enthusiastic AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan at the recent AWEA Offshore


Lidar measure wind at 10 levels up to 300m

CanWEA 2014, booth #811 The ZephIR 300 from Cambell Scientific is a continuous-wave lidar system. Ideal for applications that require wind measurements at multiple heights, the system provides data across ten user-defined heights, 10m to 300m. The ZephIR 300 is great for site assesment and micrositing and permanent wind farm anemometry.


Advanced particulate detection

CanWEA 2014, booth #1306 MetalSCAN from GasTOPS Ltd. is an on-line particulate sensor that was originally developed for advanced aircraft engines. The quantitative debris analysis directly correlates with the degree of damage on bearings or gearboxes. The scanner is able to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The catamaran, a technology demonstrator, tests the Wind+Wing Technologies' wing sails in San Francisco Bay.

Wind-powered ferries may cut costs and carbon emissions

The guys at Wind + Wing Technologies are putting a new spin on one of the oldest applications of wind power: sailing. Inspired by the inefficient and environmentally harmful diesel-powered ferry system of the San Fransisco Bay, co-founders Jay Gardner and Hans Korfin, in a partnership with Photon Composites, have developed a carbon fiber sail

The schematic shows the general control layout for one blade.

How perfect (blade) pitch lightens wind turbine structural loads

A turbine simulator allowed testing and defining a promising self-sensing, pitch-control scheme against a wide range of blade and turbine conditions. Tobias Rösmann / Moog Wind Pitch Control Systems / Control systems generally ensure the safe operation of wind turbines in adverse conditions. A more recent self-sensing, closed-loop pitch control system will let synchronous

The switch housing and actuator are fabricated from high-quality stainless steel, and are available with mounting diameters of 19 and 22 mm.

Schurter T12-MSM circuit breaker comes with design appeal

Schurter announces the T12-MSM, a combination of a reliable circuit breaker and a robust metal switch. With its actuating appeal, the T12-MSM, unlike a typical switch, can be stylishly displayed on the front of the system as opposed to being hidden in the back. Schurter combines its circuit breakers, with thermal operation (T12) and thermal-magnetic

Gamesa will supply 33 of its G97-2.0 MW turbines at a facility being developed by Elecnor.

Gamesa to supply 66 MW in Jordan with developer Elecnor

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, has signed its first contract in Jordan, where the company will supply 66 MW to Elecnor. Under the terms of the agreement, Gamesa will install 33 of its G97-2.0 MW turbines at the Maan wind farm being built by Elecnor in the south of Jordan for the