The Business Network for Maryland Offshore Wind’s (BizMDOSW) Annual Meeting is a 2-day gathering of European and American business executives, government officials, technical experts and academics brought together to build expertise among local companies.

Offshore wind makers and shakers head to Maryland annual meeting

Baltimore, Maryland, April 22 and 23, Camden Yards Many of the world’s most experienced offshore wind companies are meeting in Baltimore to share their knowledge and meet with Maryland companies that are looking to establish a U.S. offshore wind energy industry. The Business Network for Maryland Offshore Wind’s (BizMDOSW) Annual Meeting is a 2-day gathering

Each series has a low power consumption that is less than 7W and has a 12~48 Vdc power input range that can support MDI/MDI-X functions and 9.6 Kbytes jumbo frames. This makes it ideal for applications that demand high bandwidth and long distance communication.

Plug & Play 5 and 6 port gigabit switches

Antaira Technologies, a developer and supplier of industrial device networking and communication equipment for harsh environmental applications, announces its expansion in the industrial gigabit networking infrastructure family with the LNX-0501G-SFP and LNX-0601G-SFP series. Antaira Technologies’ LNX-0501G-SFP series is a 5-port industrial gigabit unmanaged Ethernet switch, with 4*RJ45 10/100/1000Tx and 1*dual rate 100/1000 SFP slot. The

Electric vehicles such as the Chevy Bolt emit significantly less heat than IC powered cars. The difference could mitigate the urban-heat-island effect, the phenomenon that helps turn big cities into saunas in warm months.

Research shows the cooling effect of electric vehicles

A study in this week’s Scientific Report by researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) and in China add more fuel to the already hot debate about whether electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles by uncovering two hidden benefits. They show the cool-factor is real – in that electric vehicles emit significantly less heat.  That

Baur reflectometer

Time-domain reflectometer locates electrical faults in cables, from 7m to 6 km

The handheld devices, TDR 500 and TDR 510 from BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH, troubleshooters get new and robust time-domain reflectometers for length determination and fault location in power and data cables. Various settings that are uncomplicated to define make a variety of applications possible for the user, whereby the measurement accuracy is always 1%. This precision

Rutgers Greenblatt_Dismukes

Catalyst from Rutgers U. promises more efficient H2 generation, better fuel cells

Editor’s note: This article is based on the findings of a patent-pending HER (hydrogen evolution reaction) catalyst Ni5P4 as reported in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Energy & Environmental Science. If successful, the catalyst could provide a way to inexpensively generate and store excess wind power, as hydrogen. The catalyst’s operating stability and efficiency will

Tensile coupon showing acoustic sensors clamped onto sample along with extensometer.

Acoustic emission measurements promise better composite-blade damage analysis

Wind turbine blades continue to grow in length to capture ever more energy. To maintain the economics of this scaling, designers must drive towards minimizing the blade mass while retaining the same reliability in performance. This requires ever more detailed understanding of the response of composite materials under various loading conditions, including damage initiation and

Based on the results, contractors and developers can design contingency strategies for different weather scenarios ensuring their teams can anticipate to guarantee project progress.

Mixing weather risks into project planning

Weather risks in offshore wind projects can significantly delay project planning because it impacts almost all operations. And this risk continues to complicate installation operations because projects tend to move further offshore into deeper waters, requiring longer cycle times. The lack of understanding by contractors on how to take weather risks into account in project

Housed in a compact hardened metal DIN-rail mountable enclosure, the 1008TX provides industry-leading shock (200g) and vibration (50g) tolerance coupled with a -40° to 85°C operating range.

8-port Gigabit switch delivers plug-and-play performance to industrial apps

Red Lion issued a press release today to announce the addition of the N-Tron series 1008TX unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switch to our industrial networking portfolio. The new 8-port all-Gigabit switch delivers plug-and-play wire-speed performance to industrial applications. Housed in a compact hardened metal DIN-rail mountable enclosure, the 1008TX provides industry-leading shock (200g) and vibration (50g)

Equipment Tracking Software tracks who has the equipment, where it is, and when it is due back.

Equipment tracking software adds more features

Dynamic Systems, a developer of barcode tracking systems since 1981, has launched an SQL database on all Checkmate Solutions. Checkmate Applications now include: ID Badge Systems, Tool and Equipment Management, Job Tracking, and Capital Asset Management. The SQL update will give management the tool to manage and view information and inventory from each location as

Delft University began a  research project on using a 2 bladed, fixed pitch turbine (5 to 10 MW) to directly drive a water pump in the nacelle.

Seawater based hydraulics for offshore wind turbines

Editor’s note: Although this report is from 2009, it is a curious idea to reencounter as the U.S. builds its first offshore wind farm. We present the Executive Summary here and a link to the full report. Readers might also be interested in: A closer look at how pumped hydro stores excess wind power by