Technicians are checking a torque tool for accuracy.

Why training in bolting matters

Larry Garza, Owner and Founder, Aztec Bolting Services Inc., Most people in the bolting industry know Hooke’s law which states, “stress is directly proportional to strain.” For bolts, it means that their stretch (strain) is proportional to load. That simple expression is also the critical tenet in Controlled Bolting Training (CBT). However, not all bolt

The Spares in Motion website says it has 184 turbines for sale, some unused and some you have not heard of, such as  the Lagerwey.

Spares in Motion: An eBay for the wind industry

The North America wind turbine after warranty market is growing rapidly. This growth is reflected in the number of North American visitors using Spares in Motion to find the correct wind turbine parts, repair capabilities, wind turbines and services. The company is the B-to-B trading platform for the wind turbine industry.  Connecting buyers and sellers

EPC price (cost plus margin) equals total project cost minus development costs (and margins) and turbine costs. Prices are representative of a 50MW wind plant with a 1-
mile gen-tie. Total capex numbers are partially based on our analysis of data from the Treasury cash grant program (more on this below). Wind turbine costs come from our H2 2014 Wind Turbine Price Index. We assume EPC margins are 10% of EPC costs. Source: Interviews with selected market participants; NREL, March 2013,
2011 Cost of Wind Energy Review.

The evolving landscape for EPCs and U.S. renewables

This article is the executive summary from the report, The evolving landscape for engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms for  U.S. renewables. It is authored by tax advisory firm Cohn Reznick Firms that provide engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services play a significant role in the US renewable energy industry. This report, commissioned by and


Yahoo signs long term power purchase agreement with OwnEnergy

OwnEnergy, a national leader in the development of mid-sized wind farms, today announced that it has entered into a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Yahoo!, Inc. Under the terms of the PPA, Yahoo will purchase wind power which will be used to offset much of Yahoo’s energy usage in the Great Plains region. “It’s

BDY bus 60-foot

Electric busses: Another good use for wind-generated power

The world’s largest battery-electric vehicle says Chinese manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dream) is a 60-foot articulated bus that can carry 120 passengers over 170 miles on a single electric charge. Hundreds gather at the beginning of BYD’s APTA EXPO presentation for the unveiling of its battery-electric bus. The company also displayed a 40-ft bus that

Umass lowell

NSF funding powers new wind-energy research center WindSTAR

A new research center led by UMass Lowell and supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation is bringing industry and university experts in wind energy together to solve mutual problems and advance the field. The Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Wind Energy Science, Technology and Research (WindSTAR) was established earlier this year with

Broadwind Energy earns an $11 million order for turbine towers.

Broadwind Energy announces $11 million in new tower orders

Broadwind Energy, Inc. has announced $11 million in new tower orders from a U.S. wind turbine manufacturer. Broadwind will produce these towers in its Manitowoc, Wisconsin facility for 2015 delivery. Company President and CEO Peter Duprey stated, “These orders solidify our 2015 tower production. I am pleased with our order book for 2015 and the level


Vaisala recognized for transparency and leadership on climate change

Vaisala has been recognized as a leader for the depth and quality of climate-change data it has disclosed to investors and the global marketplace through CDP, the international NGO that drives sustainable economies. Vaisala has thereby been awarded with a position on the Nordic Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) as well as on the A

The agreement aims at developing and then commercializing an integrated system for a semi-submersible floating wind turbine delivering 6 MW. Pictures is Alston's  6 MW Halide offshore but not floating.

Alstom and DCNS partner to design 6 MW floating wind turbine

Alstom Renewable Power Chairman Jérôme Pécresse and DCNS Marine Energy and Infrastructures Division Director Thierry Kalanquin were on hand as both groups signed a partnership agreement in the floating wind energy business. The agreement aims at developing and then commercializing an integrated system for a semi-submersible floating wind turbine delivering 6 MW. The groups will

Listing the bat as “endangered” will affect a large part of the country because the bat’s range includes 38 states.

Upcoming “endangered” listing could affect timber harvesting, wind energy, and natural gas developments

This article is from law firm Spencer Fane Britt & Browne. At a national conference on the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in San Francisco September 2014, a major topic of discussion was the recent settlement agreement that ended litigation between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (“the Service”) and two major environmental groups. The settlement