Ematec optimise its blade beams for turbine blades

One of the Nordex requirements was that the blade beams should not only be able to lift one type of blade, but a whole family of them.

Infolytica launches MotorSolve online

Simulations are highly accurate because the same automated FEA engine which powers the desktop version of MotorSolve is used by this service. All of this is done in the cloud with powerful HPC machines.

Want to be part of the U.S. offshore wind supply chain?

Offshore wind projects are innovative construction projects combining all facets of engineering, construction, marine and aerospace disciplines- just to name a few.

Free ebook: UAV experts discuss developments for commercial drone applications

What does flying a drone mean to you? For some professionals, it means using a tool that will allow them to decrease expenses in an incredibly powerful way. For others,

Funding small businesses to grow with clean energy

American small businesses continue to drive job creation and economic growth. Fueled by the spirit of innovation,

Business Network for Offshore Wind opens New Jersey office

On the 6th anniversary of Governor Christie’s signing the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act, The Business Network for Offshore Wind has announced the opening of its Woodbridge, New Jersey office.

Local wind powering more U.S. companies says PNNL report

American companies are increasingly making their own power — and sales — with local wind turbines located near the factories and buildings that consume the power they make, concludes a report released today.

Mobile app EarthCam Control Center 8 allows monitoring projects from afar

Created for EarthCam managed service customers, the user-friendly app makes viewing, controlling, marketing and remote project monitoring possible with EarthCam camera images.

Wind technologies market report from DOE

Recent and projected near-term growth is supported by the industry’s primary federal incentive—the production tax credit (PTC)—as well as a myriad of state-level policies.

5 things you didn’t know about the wind for schools program

There are 147 WfS turbines across the country providing clean, renewable energy, and, more importantly, hands-on learning opportunities to thousands of students at public K-12 schools.