The screen from Breeze presents the performance of a single unit, Turbine Berget 1. The information is fairly self explanatory. For instance, the green circle to the left tell that the turbine is in good working order while other sections report a low wind speed.

Developer says managing a wind farm online is a breeze

A cloud based, wind-farm management system gives users early warnings of trouble, error codes for comparisons, and information that keeps turbines working longer.  Jonas, Corné, CEO, Greenbyte AB, Technology development in the wind power industry has been focused on bigger rotors, taller towers, and bigger gearboxes to build higher capacity wind turbines. Large wind

G9 Offshore

U.K.’s HSE incident data for offshore wind sector now available

The G9 Offshore Wind Health and Safety Association, supported by the Energy Institute (EI), has published its first annual incident data report. This publication gives a comprehensive insight into the health and safety performance of the G9 members from 35 sites spread across the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. The offshore wind industry has seen

Several blade concepts could work on multi-megawatt VAWTs. The concepts were presented for  Aero-elastic Stability Analyses.

Science of Making Torque from Wind Conference Presentations: Offshore Vertical-axis Wind Turbine and Structural Health Monitoring

Todd Griffith, Brian Owens, and Phillip Richards traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark for the Science of Making Torque from Wind Conference (June 18 to 20, 2014).Three proceedings papers were presented. Phillip Richards (a PhD student at Georgia Tech) gave an oral presentation for the paper titled “High-fidelity Modeling of Local Effects of Damage for Derated Offshore

The T&B brochure is organized around product groupings that provide solutions to specific challenges encountered in renewable energy facilities, such as safety, cost reduction and continuous operation, among others.

Thomas & Betts brochure highlights engineered solutions for renewable energy facilities

Thomas & Betts’ brochure, “Electrical Solutions for Renewable Energy,” outlines the company’s product solutions for wind farms and solar voltaic systems that support safe and continuous operation, reduce costs and protect distribution systems. The brochure is organized around product groupings that provide solutions to specific challenges encountered in renewable energy facilities, such as safety, cost

UN report 2 range and median values

Pathways to deep decarbonization Interim 2014 report

The Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP) is a collaborative initiative to understand and show how individual countries can transition to a low-carbon economy and how the world can meet the internationally agreed target of limiting the increase in global mean surface temperature to less than 2°C. Achieving the 2°C limit will require that global net

Sandia fig 4 sediment deposition around a tandem pile

What happens to sub-structures & cables on the seafloor? Sandia examines

A key risk driver in Offshore Wind (OW) projects is the potentially detrimental interaction between OW sub-structures and cables, and the seafloor. In previous years Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) developed methods for the evaluation of regional sediment stability with the use of combined wave, circulation, and sediment dynamics modeling. Knowledge of sediment stability not only

Author David K. Burton

PTC “start of construction” clarifying guidance expected in a week or two

This article, from law firm Akin Gump, is authored by David K. Burton. General Electric stated on its quarterly earnings call late July 2014 that it expected that the clarification to the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) production tax credit (PTC) “start of construction” guidance would be released in the next week or two, by early

Festo dual wings

Dual-wing design provides another way to generate power from wind

With the DualWingGenerator, as part of the Bionic Learning Network, Festo has developed an extraordinary technology platform that uses two pairs of horizontally arranged wings instead of rotor blades to generate power. Thanks to its intelligent control technology, the self-optimizing system can adapt itself to different wind conditions and, in terms of its efficiency, is

Altogether, the companies, institutions and industry associations exhibiting at WindEnergy Hamburg come from more than 30 countries.

A gigantic country with huge wind resources – U.S. presentation at WindEnergy Hamburg

WindEnergy Hamburg is said to be the global on and offshore expo at the Hamburg Fair Site from September 23 to 26, 2014 WindEnergy Hamburg from September 23 to 26 is said to be the meeting place for experts from the energy industry from all parts of the world. Some 1,000 exhibitors from the global

Sandia blade repair collab

Materials, reliability, & standards blade reliability collaborative

The Blade Reliability Collaborative (BRC) has focused recently on inspection methods to find flaws and damage in blades, and the effect of those defects on structural and aerodynamic performance.  Additionally, the project has started a new effort looking at repair methods. Researchers at Sandia have completed design and manufacturing of non-destructive inspection (NDI) test panels